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Kingwood Energy, LLC
Kingwood Energy, LLC is an independent oil company engaged in the exploration, development, and production of oil in the Mississippi Basin. The company is located in Jackson, Mississippi, and was founded by Henry W. H. Greaves and Thomas R. Swaney.
After analyzing and studying numerous fields within the Mississippi Basin, the company has generated four different oil prospects that will involve the drilling of eight wells. Each prospect (see Projects) is an infield development and drilling opportunity of an already proven oil reservoir, and should be lower risk in comparison to conventional exploration.
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Kingwood Energy, LLC
Henry W. H. Greaves
1675 Lakeland Drive, Suite 304 Jackson, Mississippi 39216
phone: 601-842-7999
Fax: 888-886-7397
The company believes that focusing primarily on, and becoming familiar with the Mississippi Basin, has allowed it to obtain a competitive advantage and niche. The company is in an ongoing process of generating new prospects and is actively acquiring new opportunities to create value for interest holders and partners. The company believes that making a discovery and finding oil is only the first stage of a successful venture. Careful management of the reservoir and production, prudent operating, and wise economic decision making, are all key components to a successful venture.
The company currently seeks partners and investors to finance the first 4 prospects which will involve the drilling of eight wells over a 2 to 3 year period, and participate in a 75%-25% joint venture.